1st International Conference on Computer, Electronics,Electrical and Modelling Systems – ICCEEMS 2016
Place:The Vijay Park,Chennai,Tamilnadu,india. Year:2016

International Conference on Security, Sensors, Software and Intelligent Systems-ICSSSIS 2016
Place:Tamilnadu,India. Year:2016

3rd International Conference on Applied Research in Engineering Methodology- ICAREM 2016
Place:Professional Group of Institutions, Coimbatore,Tamilnadu,India. Year:2016

3rd International Conference on Green technologies in power generation, Communication Instrumentation-2016
Place:St.Peters University,Chennai,Tamilnadu,India. Year:2016

National Symposium on eMinano15
Place:Professional Group of Institutions, Coimbatore,Tamilnadu,India. Year:2015

Third National Level Technical Symposium-XPONDERS 2015
Place:St.Peters University,Chennai,Tamilnadu,India. Year:2015

4th National Conference (AGNICON 2015) on Networking,Imaging and Green Computing
Place:Agni College of Technology,Chennai,Tamilnadu,india Year:2015