Growth and characterization of pure and Cadmium chloride doped KDP Crystals grown by gel medium

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Crystal growth technology provides an important basis for many industrial branches. Crystals are the unrecognized pillars of modern technology. Without crystals, there is no electronic industry, no photonic industry, and no fiber optic communications. Single crystals play a major role and form the strongest base for the fast growing field of engineering, science and technology. Crystal growth is an interdisciplinary subject covering physics, chemistry, material science, chemical engineering, metallurgy, crystallography, mineralogy, etc. In past few decades, there has been a keen interest on crystal growth processes, particularly in view of the increasing demand of materials for technological applications. Optically good quality pure and metal doped KDP crystals have been grown by gel method at room temperature and their characterization have been studied. Gel method is a much uncomplicated method and can be utilized to synthesize crystals which are having low solubility. Potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate KH2PO4 (KDP) continues to be an interesting material both academically and industrially. KDP is a representative of hydrogen bonded materials which possess very good electro – optic and nonlinear optical properties in addition to interesting electrical properties. Due to this interesting properties, we made an attempt to grow pure and cadmium chloride doped KDP crystals in various concentrations (0.002, 0.004, 0.006, 0.008 and 0.010) using gel method. The grown crystals were collected after 20 days. We get crystals with good quality and shaped. The dc electrical conductivity (resistance, capacitance and dielectric constant) values were measured at frequencies in the range of 1 KHZ and 100 HZ of pure and cadmium chloride added crystal with a temperature range of 400C to 1300C using simple two probe setup with Q band digital LCR meter present in our lab. The electrical conductivity increases with increase of temperature. The dielectric constants of metal doped KDP crystals were slightly decreased compared to pure KDP crystals.

Keywords:Cadmium chloride,KDP Crystals,Crystal growth,ADP,DKDP


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